Awareness of the challenges of climate change and brainstorming sessions for the executive committee

Olivier Renaud, Founder and CEO of Easyteam, was seized by the climate emergency during a conference by Valérie Cabane in 2018. It is a trigger and he decides to engage Easyteam in a strategy resolutely oriented towards the reduction of the carbon footprint of its customers. To do so, he calls upon Caristeo which will help both to raise the awareness of the collaborators on the climatic stakes, and to rethink the strategy of Easyteam through the animation of reflection sessions of its Comex.

Assessment: Easyteam has developed its own carbon calculator to evaluate the impact of the company’s digital technology. With this tool, Easyteam is evolving its value proposition and helping its clients reduce the carbon footprint of their information systems.
In 2021, Constellation acquires Easyteam and Olivier Renaud becomes Chief Impact Officer of the new group, with the clear intention of pursuing his mission to decarbonize the digital landscape of companies.