French-based aerospace company

Short term low-carbon roadmap - Design Thinking Method

Climate Change is both a human and a business challenge, and probably one of the biggest our civilization had ever faced. Better late than never, corporations announce ambitious mid and long-term Carbon reduction plans. The challenge now is concrete short-term implementations. This requires in the first place a good understanding of climate change and its consequences on business together with a clear view on the carbon footprint.

Aware of the importance of the role that businesses play on climate change, a French-based aerospace company develops a concrete carbon plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions on its different site worldwide.

To respond to the climate emergency, the client is committed to 30% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 compared to 2018, in line with a 1.5°C trajectory. The client decided to raise awareness and develop a common knowledge about climate change internally and specifically with its leaders.

With the help of Caristeo, the client, deployed the Climate Fresk® to its Exec Committee with the goal of getting a better systemic view on Climate Change. At the end of the workshop people were invited to travel in time and imagine a desirable future and think of all decisions that Safran should have taken in order to get there.

The climate knowledge and emotions generated in this workshop were a big stimulus for directors to stimulate an ideation activity.

The next day a design thinking workshop was organized. With the support of a serious internal carbon footprint analysis, directors were invited to share their ideas of actions to implement within their respective scope of responsibility. Directors were sharing each other’s ideas, identifying challenges and constraints and were invited to discuss how they can overcome these challenges. At the end, a roadmap was built collectively with a set of actions and commitments by each director in his scope of responsibility. Accountabilities, responsibilities and deadlines were defined.

These commitments help the Division move towards a lower carbon activity and place the client on the right pathway to the reduction trajectory defined by his Group.