The Climate Fresk in your company

The Climate Fresk with Caristeo

In brief…

What is the Climate Fresk in business? An experience that is both fun, collaborative, rigorous and creative to give your managers and employees the keys to understanding the climate challenge.

For who? For an Executive Committee, a Management Committee, a team, or on a larger scale for a department or the whole company.

Why? This workshop will be an opportunity to project your business into a world compatible with the 2 ° C limit. It will inspire your employees, and engage them in the major challenge of our generation.

The Climate Fresk in your company …

The workshop created by Cédric Ringenbach is a fun workshop rigorously based on the scientific foundations of the IPCC. Through collective intelligence, it makes it possible in three hours to understand the phenomena involved in climate change. Most importantly, it sparks the urge to step into action. This is the reason why it is overwhelmingly supported by all who have experienced it. The workshop has been attended by senior decision makers in both economic and political sectors including CEO and Executive Committees of international corporations, as well as Government Ministers and Members of Parliament.

The Caristeo network of facilitators makes it possible to organise the workshop without limit of participants, at the scale of a small team, a department or the whole company.

Whether they are novices or experts, a Climate Fresk workshop is the best way to engage employees and managers on these issues.

Why Caristeo?

With more than 100 Fresks organized in companies, Caristeo gives you a professional experience of the Climate Fresk. The format is adapted to the business world and its players, whether they are managers, shareholders or employees.

Caristeo runs the workshop at all scales, from a small team to the full deployment of an organization. For example, Caristeo is currently assisting a large French group with the deployment of the Climate Fresk for its 90,000 employees around the world.

Are you interested in organizing a Climate Fresk in your company? Contact us.

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