French-based aerospace company

Short-term program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Our client, a world’s leading supplier of power transmissions, believes that urgent action is needed to achieve the existing potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions of the group, by first a better scientific understanding of climate change and second by combining technical and behavioral solutions compatible with the group climate engagement.

To achieve this, the client, called on Caristeo to help both with understanding the complexity of climate change and with the development of a list of actions, to put the group on the right trajectory to their carbon emission reduction target in scope 1 & 2.

Thus, Caristeo deployed the Climate Fresk® to the Exec Committee of the company to understand the scientific basis of climate change and then a list of carbon emission reduction actions were disposed to the attendees firstly without the number of t CO2eq saved by each action. Groups were negotiating about what actions to choose considering its feasibility, importance and budget. Then Caristeo showed up the impact figures for every action and ended the session by an optimization phase for the list of actions that must be taken in order to achieve the company carbon emission reduction target.

This session was so efficient granting consciousness on the order of magnitude and the complexity of the efforts to be made in order to deal with the defining issue of our time called climate change.