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Engage your employees

Everyone is aware of the degradation of our environment and yet the subject remains largely taboo in business. Engaging your employees on the subject means creating a dynamic that brings meaning and commitment.

Whatever the participants’ starting point, Caristeo offers fun, collaborative workshops that help understand the phenomena and make people want to get involved.

Involving employees in environmental issues gives them a new reason to get involved in the company.

This can be done on a small team, organizational or large corporate or group scale, regardless of the maturity of the thinking.

Carbon Footprint

In order to reduce your carbon footprint, you first need to measure it. Caristeo calculates the Carbon Footprint of your company, whatever its size.

Caristeo is certified Bilan Carbone ® by IFC.

Caristeo is a partner of Global Climate Initiatives.

Your 2030 strategy

The world must stay below the 2 ° C increase to avoid an uncontrollable runaway. According to the IPCC, for this world to be possible, emissions must have fallen by 20% by 2030.

What does your organization look like in this world in 2030? Is your 2030 strategy compatible with this vision?

Caristeo helps you review your strategy in the light of common emission reduction targets.

Pilot or accompany your transformation program

Too many climate strategies are limited to setting long-term objectives. The credibility of an environmental approach is also judged by the short and medium-term changes that will make these long-term objectives accessible.

This is often the most difficult, but also the most motivating.


Caristeo provides inspiring speakers on various topics related to the environment, including:

  • Energy and Climate
  • Sustainable finance
  • Climate and Digital
  • Climate and oceans
  • The company facing climate challenges


Caristeo offers standard or tailor-made training programs. Whether on a one-off basis or for a large-scale deployment within the company, Caristeo provides you with certified and inspiring trainers.
The trainings are designed or adapted specifically for the needs of each context. The Caristeo collective and its certified trainers of the Climate Fresk, in particular train your employees in the animation of the Climate Fresk.

Tools and methods

Awareness workshop: Climate Fresk

The driving to change begins by inspiring the “Why”. La Fresque du Climat is an incomparable workshop for both anchoring basic knowledge of mechanisms and making people want to take action. As a small team, at an event or on a company-wide basis, experiencing or deploying the Climate Fresk is a decisive step towards taking action.

We recommend combining the Climate Fresk with Design Thinking workshops to spark creativity and innovation from the emotion induced by awareness.

More information to organize your Climate Fresk workshop

Design Thinking creativity workshop

Design Thinking tools have proven themselves as a method of innovation. At Caristeo we believe that innovation comes from the diversity and creativity of the participants who we will have been able to inspire at first. The most difficult then is no longer to identify innovative ideas but to define how they will be handled. Caristeo provides Design Thinking experts specializing in environmental issues to help you move forward and avoid the pitfalls of Green Washing.

A Design Thinking workshop must necessarily be followed by a process of processing and implementing the ideas selected.

Support for transformation projects and programs

Caristeo proposes to accompany you in your transformation programs from the opportunity study phase to the deployment. On a small or large scale, Caristeo can accompany you with a pragmatic project management expertise, oriented on the environmental impact and attentive to the constraints of the company context.