Gabriel Dias Neto

Gabriel Dias Neto

Climate consultant

During his scientific studies at Sorbonne University, Télécom Paris and IRCAM, Gabriel gradually discovered the climate and social emergency. He therefore decided to complete his initial training at emlyon business school to better understand how to change companies and especially their business models by taking into account planetary boundaries.

In 2020, he joined the EDF Group to work on participative innovation approach, where he participated for the first time to a Climate Fresk workshop, a landmark experience. Convinced of the importance of popular education in accelerating environmental and social transition in corporate environments, he went to the Gautier Group, a french manufacturing company, to help the management team build their low-carbon strategy and inform employees about the climate emergency with the Climate Fresk.

In January 2023, he joined the Caristeo team to continue helping large companies transform. He is in charge of large-scale deployments of the Climate Fresk.